"More than 256 Million People are playing football in more than 325,000 Clubs worldwide. This does not reflect the actual numbers, as there are millions of children, playing football informally everyday."
- FIFA Big Count

Our Challenge

385 Million Children

Worldwide are suffering from extreme poverty. One of the resulting restrictions for children lies in the limited access to football clubs, due to insufficient financial possibilities to purchase basic sports equipment, or the lack of respective infrastructure.

The access to football clubs can be crucial for children to gain important life skills such as teamwork, confidence, discipline and mental strength.

Even though more than 325.000

Football clubs are officially registered worldwide, the majority is playing football in informal set-ups, as clubs are lacking the financial resources to accommodate all children and provide sufficient equipment. Based on online interviews, this is especially true in developing countries. Without the necessary funds to provide the basic equipment and infrastructure, clubs cannot act as safe haven for children’s personal development.


Extracts from online interviews

Added Value

Club2Club Partnerships

We connect two football clubs from different economic backgrounds. Club A has the financial means and good intention to support Club B, which is under-financed and under-equipped. The goal of these partnerships is to support Club B in improving their club structure. With an improved structure, more children can participate in Club B and are not excluded anymore. GOODGAME‘s role is to match these clubs with each other and to take care of every single step while setting up the partnership.

We are

Experienced project managers

Experienced project enablers

Intercultural communicators

Internationally experienced

Football enthusiasts

We add value by

Finding perfect matches for C2C-partnerships

Acting as a reliable intermediary troughout the partnership

Organizing the equipment purchase and shipment

Providing media footage for social media/print marketing

Social Impact


Our program contributes to 3 specific sustainable development goals:


Social impact generated throughout the C2C-partnerships will be measured based on the following criteria:

Clubs supported

Children empowered


Sustainability is a central issue for us and not just another buzzword. Our club2club-partnerships therefore always aims to promote local added value to guarantee the best possible impact through the partnerships. In detail, this means:

We keep the lowest CO2-footprint possible.

We promote local added value.

Our Matchplan

The first c2c-partnership was a success! What are our next steps?


Pioneering Club2Club partnerships are set-up with clubs from all across the world. To increase the reach of the initiative, we establish an ecosystem of GOODGAME.supporters from various areas. This includes amateur and professional clubs, well-known football players, persons of interests and companies.


An online matchmaking platform will safeguard the scalability of Club2Club partnerships worldwide. This platform will automatically connect football clubs which share the same belief – the power of football.

2022 and beyond

Once a critical mass of C2C-partnerships is reached, we want to focus on even bigger projects to increase the social impacts, such as football pitches, football academies and even schools.


Setting up C2C-partnerships and GOOODGAME.supporters.

Roll-out of platform and scaling.


Club2Club matchmaking platform, to scale more C2C-partnerships.

2022 and beyond

Critical mass of C2C-partnerships is reached, the focus now is set on bigger projects.

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