"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to Inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way little else does."
- Nelson Mandela

C2C Partnerships

The Process


Club A signs up on the website and wants to be matched with a partner-club.


GOODGAME already has a database with clubs in need (Club B) and searches for the perfect match, based on pre-defined criteria (i.e.: donation equipment).


A match is found! GOODGAME takes care of all the details (logistics, communication, etc.)


It is done! The C2C-partnership is made official, donation is on its way to Club B!


signs up on the GOODGAME website.


A perfect match was found! Details are taken care of by GOODGAME


GOODGAME searches for the perfect match.


Donation from Club A is on its way to Club B. Social impact has been generated!

Partnership Services

Before the partnership

We will guide you through every step in the partnership process.

You will have a personal expert which will take care of any question you might have along the process

We will keep track for you of the status quo regarding logistics (pickup and arrival)

There are no must-dos, you and your club decide which club your partnering with, what you want to donate and how the communication to the partner club will look like

During the partnership

It is important to us that the club donating equipment gets insights on how his donation has made an impact on the receiving club.

We will take care of distributing media packages (pictures, videos) for both clubs, so that they can see first hand, how the partnership influenced them

We ensure that the clubs will receive a short progress report on the long-term impact of the partnership

We will also take care of exchanging up to date media files between both clubs, so the partnership will further be strenghtend

Pilot Project


We contacted the amateur football club SPG Silz/Moetz to set up the very first C2C-partnership. The club was immediately hyped and offered to donate equipment (brand new jerseys and boots). Based on this information, we searched for a perfect partner-club.

After checking our database of clubs in need, we quickly got in touch with Emelem United from Nigeria, who desperately needed jerseys and boots in order to accommodate more children in their club.

After introducing both clubs with each other, all details were clarified (needed quantity of jerseys & boots, logistics, etc.). Both clubs happily agreed to set up the first C2C-partnership! After both clubs got to know each other better, they even decided to create the EMELEM FOOTBALL ACADEMY, to set the course for long-lasting social impact!


Club A decided on the donation amount, they would like to give. Based on this criteria, GOODGAME found a perfect


More children gain access to club and academy.


Donation (jerseys & boots) have been sent to Emelem United in Nigeria.


Club structure improved, thanks to partnership donation.

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